How we grew the organic traffic of a delivery services business by 11x in the lockdown
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SDG Coordination Centre, Haryana
Website Development for an International Non-Profit
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Veeba Foods
Recipe Platform
Dishing out the perfect recipe for digital success
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Svarochi Lights
Lighting up an innovative brand on Digital
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Sterlite Ed India Foundation
Website Design and Development for an innovative tech-enabled non-profit backed by Vedanta Group
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Gates Foundation
Social Media Research for a leading Philanthropic Organisation working in the field of healthcare
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About Modifyed

We provide impact driven design, communication and branding solutions to people and businesses around the world. Our philosophy helps you establish identity, find a niche and achieve your goals. Success to us is turning a challenge into an opportunity, which is why, there’s never a dull moment in our space!

Clients we work with

Digital Marketing, the Modifyed Way

Industries we serve


Modifyed Digital offers educational institutions like schools, colleges, coaching centres, universities, and...

Fashion & Retail

The fashion and beauty industries are fast paced, ever changing, super dynamic. And with such a high concentration...

Real Estate

The real estate marketing is a dynamic ever-evolving space that needs to constantly stay one step ahead of...

Non Profit

With an expert in-house team consisting of brand strategists, digital marketers, web developers, and web...


A thing like the 2020 lockdown can result in thousands of patients with mild to severe ailments not receive...


Food and hospitality businesses are the embodiment of what it means to be in the B2C industry. With social...

What our customers say

Why We Love Video Meetings

Nothing can beat a Face to Face in person meeting. But at the same time, the pressures of running a businesses, the constant demand for…

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