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As a non profit, or social enterprise, or CSR organization, you’re probably always looking for ways to improve your digital marketing campaigns. From raising brand awareness to fundraising, digital platforms are a very important marketing channel for most established non profits in India and globally.

The problem is that it’s an expensive medium to enter. 

With ad costs always on the rise, expensive agencies to sustain, and internal overheads to bear – effective marketing is always a pipedream.


Google Ad Grants is a global program that provides an annual budget of $120,000 for qualified nonprofits to use in search advertisements. (That’s almost 96 Lac Rupees!)

Thousands of organizations serving a variety of causes find benefit from this program to promote their mission, attract members, recruit volunteers, raise donations, and more. 

And Modifyed Digital has carved a very unique niche for itself in this domain!

India’s leading Google Ad Grants Agency

We are working with leading social sector and development organisations to help them massively improve and grow with the power of Google Search Ads.

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Why should you hire Modifyed Digital to help you acquire or manage your Google Ad Grant account?

Google Ad Grant Acquisition

Modifyed plays an important supporting role in what could otherwise be a tedious documentation process that can take up to 3 months. NGOs have to wear a lot of different hats, acquiring an ad grant shouldn’t be one of them. We have assisted numerous organizations in obtaining the Google Grant and our success rate has been 100%.

Campaign Strategy and Creation

Modifyed starts with setting up an intelligent structure that helps you drive clicks and conversions. When creating ad campaigns for your services, programs, or areas of emphasis, we pick out appropriate keywords, draft advertisements to appear in search results, and frequently test distinct versions to raise performance. You simply tell us what your objectives are and we will handle the rest. It's Google Grant Management made easy.

Compliance and Account

It’s common for us to work with clients who have suspended ad grant accounts. We help in ensuring all the policies and compliances are taken care of so that the account is in a healthy state and can run without suspension.

Account Maintenance and

Modifyed will take over to maintain your Ad Grant, ensuring that we get the minimum spend to at least $7,000-$9,000/month. This typically happens by restructuring the account from the bottom-up, discovering new keywords, writing new ads, setting up conversion tracking, and following policies and best practices of Google Ad Grant

Insights and

Modifyed will set up a live dashboard report and monthly PDF summaries of results, so you can monitor all the optimization work we are doing within your account. Our team will also work with you to ensure you get regular insights into what is working and what is not working.

Benefits of Using Google Ad Grants for Your Non Profit

Leverage the power of Google Ads for your non profit / social sector organization and get your message out to a huge global audience, for free! With Google Ad Grants, your organization can get discovered for thousands of keywords across the world, without spending a penny. Google has a “secret” program for nonprofits to help them supercharge their digital marketing and reach an audience of millions.

Our Approach

Certified by Google (Partner Agency)

We are a Google Ad Grants Certified Professional Agency with accredited experts working on client accounts and strategies.

Upto 120,000$ in Annual spending

Spend upto 330$ daily, each month, and bid on thousands of keywords in various causes or thematic areas.

No tenure, 100% Compliance

Month on service to help maintain full compliance so your account always stays active. Our oldest client has been with us since inception with over $1million in adgrants used!

Target Multiple Objectives

Attract donors, build brand awareness and recruit volunteers - we use all the standard features of Google Search Campaigns to help you achieve various goals.

Create unlimited campaigns

Unlike other providers, our service is not limited by the number of Campaigns, Ad Groups, Keywords, Ads or anything else.

Target a global audience

Get international / foreign funding (FCRA approval required) with your Google ads and run ads in any country.


A bold claim - we offer 24/7 access to reporting dashboard + full account access. Nothing is ever hidden from you.

Fair Success Based Pricing

No setup fees or fixed monthly retainers. Our only fee is a % of utilized Ad Grant so we always have skin in the game. Your success is our success.

What’s the catch? This sounds too good to be true!

Yes, there are certain pre-requisite requirements which you should be aware of before we can help you get this amazing non profit digital marketing resource.

Impact You Can Expect

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What Is The Single Biggest Parameter for Ad Grant Success at Modifyed Digital?

Conversion Tracking

Conversion Tracking ensures that your campaign goals accurately reflect your organization’s mission and that you’re tracking meaningful actions. 

Another way to look at it is, conversion tracking shifts the focus away from maximizing clicks on a website and allows you to see what happens after the click. 

Analyzing conversion data for your account is always a top priority

We realize that no two Nonprofits are the same and so we have seen a variety of metrics being tracked. It varies from donations to newsletter sign-ups, merchandise sales to volunteer sign-ups. These are the main ones that we see.

Conversion Tracking also opens up the possibility of optimizing our campaigns on conversion-based bidding leading to a higher quality of stakeholders such as donors, partners, and volunteers, alike.

Let’s connect so that we can share our side of the story and why we’re excited to work with Non-profits!

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Once you’ve used the $10,000for the month, your ads will stop showing on Google. You will not be penalized or charged.

Your ads will need to be linked to one (and only one)website domain, which should be the same that was approved in your initial application.

The Google Ad Grant is a $10,000/month grant to be used on the Google Ads platform. The grant acts as a monthly credit that recipients can use exclusively for ads on Google. The grant and paid ads use the same Google Ads platform (formerly known as Google Adwords). However, grant recipients’ accounts are held to a stricter set of requirements, as outlined in Google’s Ad Grants Policy Compliance Guide.

Our marketing specialists ensure that your nonprofit meets the requirements to keep your grants valid and available for indefinite use.

The Google Grant maximum is $329 USD a day or $10,000 USD a month.
Our mission is to increase your online presence so that you can focus on changing the world. Hand off management of your Google Grant and we will maximize its potential.

Non Profits still leverage many traditional methods for marketing, without realising the great potential digital platforms offer to them for fundraising, building awareness and recruiting volunteers. With Google Ad Grants, the possibilities are endless.

Google Ad Grants provides non-profits with $10,000 a month in free Google Ads advertising. This gives them the opportunity to reach new audiences and create campaigns that are tailored to their organization’s needs. Non-profits can use the grant to run campaigns that focus on fundraising, building awareness and recruiting volunteers. With a focussed Google Ads Certified Professional Digital Agency, the chances of you succeeding are way higher!

Non-profits globally can use Google Ad Grants to increase website traffic and conversions, build brand awareness, target specific audiences and create engaging ads. They can also track their campaigns’ performance using Google Analytics and adjust their strategy accordingly. Additionally, they can take advantage of other features such as remarketing, geo targeting and Dynamic Search Ads (DSA).

In addition to the ad grants, Google offers other tools for non-profits such as Google for Non Profits which provides access to G Suite tools like Gmail and Google Drive for free or at a discounted rate. This allows organizations to manage their data more efficiently and communicate more effectively with stakeholders.

Google Ad Grants is a no-brainer when it comes to non-profits. The simple truth is that Google has an extremely vast audience of potential donors. And the more they can reach out to the potential donors, the more they can raise.
It’s a simple solution to a complex problem. Using Google Ad Grants can help non-profits grow their donations and accomplish their fundraising goals.

If you’re a non-profit, there’s no better way to reach out to potential donors than using Google Ad Grants. The ads are highly engaging, creative and easy to message. The fact that Google Ads are free means that you can reach a huge audience of potential donors for very little cost.

You just need to decide what type of campaign you want to run and then use the tools provided by Google to get your message in front of those who will be most interested in your organization. You can choose from a variety of advertising formats including text ads, image ads and display ads. The flexibility of Google Ad Grants offers you a lot of freedom to reach new audiences and engage them in your mission.

Modifyed Digital has been offering this service to ensure that non profit organizations can maximize their digital marketing efforts, create more impact in society, and build a better world. This is our way of giving back to society and adding more meaning and passion to our work.

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