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8 Tips to Hire the Best SEO Freelancer for Your Casino Business

casino SEO freelancer

Compared to hiring a full-time employee, hiring an SEO freelancer might be a more affordable option if you want to raise your website’s search engine ranks and increase organic traffic. Finding the ideal freelancer for your unique SEO requirements, however, can be difficult. There isn’t enough time to employ a one-trick pony; you want a capable individual who can provide outcomes.

In this blog post, we’ll offer insightful advice on how to choose the top casino SEO freelancer for your company. We’ll go over key pointers for assessing independent contractors, including where to seek for them and what to look for in their references and work.

Avoid just selecting the first – or the least expensive – SEO freelancer you find on Fiverr. Rather, spend some time reading these seven pointers so you can identify good talent and know how to assess it.

1) Evaluate SEO Freelancers

Using a strategic strategy can have a big influence on the quality of the SEO freelancer you choose to work with.Hiring someone who does generic work might result from relying on job descriptions that are too general. Alternatively, think about employing a “role scorecard,” a recruiting structure derived from Geoff Smart’s Who. His hiring process is based on these four crucial steps:

  • Scorecard: The written document that outlines precisely what an employee is expected to do in a position.
  • Reference: Hiring people in a systematic way ahead of time will guarantee that you have excellent prospects on hand for when you really need them.
  • Decide. To ensure you have all the necessary information, rely on a series of organised interviews.
  • Sell: Once the proper players have been found, the organisation needs to convince them to join.
  • There are three sections to the scorecard itself:
  • The objective of the job: a concise description of the main goals of the position. When no one asks for more explanation, you may be sure your objective is working. Employing the “all-around athlete” can be avoided by putting it in writing.
  • The results: As you draw in the type of A players who love thrilling challenges, set the results high enough (but still within reason) to scare out all the B and C players.

The necessary skills are: What is expected of the new recruit in terms of performance in their role? Clarifying what constitutes a good “fit” is essential since cultural misfits have a negative financial impact.

You may use this scorecard to specify the precise results you’d like the casino SEO freelancer to get for your company. After giving it some thought, list your top three expectations for the freelancer’s job. These results should focus on areas that need improvement and be in line with your company’s objectives. To increase domain authority, drive more organic traffic to a particular landing page, or produce more leads, for example, might be your major objectives.

You’ll be in a better position to assess a candidate’s performance history and how their ability to build on past achievements will benefit the position you’re hiring for if you are clear about the qualities you need in a casino SEO freelancer.

You may be sure that you make an educated hiring selection by using this method to evaluate whether their knowledge and abilities match your company’s demands.

2. Budgetary Planning

Setting a project budget is necessary as soon as you’ve determined the services you’ll require. For more complicated initiatives, SEO services might cost several thousand dollars, while simple services can cost only a few hundred. While choosing an SEO, establish your spending limit and adhere to it. By doing this, you can be sure that you’re getting the most for your money.

3) Verify Results and References

Verifying an SEO freelancer’s stated outcomes and references is the most important step in hiring them. It’s important to look further to make sure that freelancers have achieved the stated outcomes, even if many may present websites and rankings as evidence of their work.

Asking for samples of their work and related results is a good way to get information about potential prospects. Projects related to your business or specialty should catch your attention since it shows that the person can manage projects like yours. Several methods exist for you to confirm their work: 

  • Examine SERP ranks: If they say they have better ranks for particular keywords, you can verify this by utilising a service like Ahrefs or by examining the SERPs for those keywords.
  • Website Audit: Give the websites they have worked on a quick SEO audit. Look for things like mobile optimisation, site performance, and fundamental on-page SEO techniques.
  • Check for Backlinks: If they have run link-building efforts, you may use Ahrefs or Moz to confirm the existence of the backlinks they say they have built.
  • Ask to access analytics data for Google Analytics and Google Search Console, if at all feasible. You’ll see real-time traffic information and rankings here. 

But measures and stats by themselves are insufficient. Communicating with website owners or businesses that a freelancer has assisted can provide you with a comprehensive understanding of their talents. You may learn more about the freelancer’s work ethic, communication abilities, and output by speaking with these references.

Recall that the casino SEO freelancer should not object if you verify their results if they are reputable and self-assured in their job. Any freelancer who refuses to give references or tries to limit the people you can contact should be avoided, since these could be red flags. On the other hand, use caution when making overconfident promises, as nobody can promise a #1 rating overnight.

4. Checking the Freelancer’s Portfolio and Track Record

Examine each candidate’s portfolio and resume once you have reduced the number of people on your short list. Find out how successful their prior clients’ methods were by asking to see samples of their prior work. In order to determine how happy past customers were with their services, it’s also critical to look for customer reviews and feedback. 

5) Set Clear Expectations with an SEO Freelancer

When dealing with any freelancer, it is important to have clear communication. Make sure you clearly define your expectations before employing an SEO consultant. Talk about your desired objectives, target outcomes, and company goals. A great professional relationship may be built on a solid basis if you are open and honest with one another.

Establishing clear goals and SEO targets can help you and the freelancer remain on task and efficiently assess progress:

Communicate your expectations explicitly from the start, for instance, if you anticipate a particular rise in organic traffic or lead generation within a given timeframe. Provide the precise dates and figures that you would want to see to your SEO expert.

Setting clear expectations helps to avoid misunderstandings and creates the conditions for a successful working relationship. 

Regular communication will assist ensure that everyone is in agreement, and you and the freelancer should both grasp the objectives. 

6) Prioritize Revenue over Traffic

Instead than focusing just on traffic figures, it’s critical to include income earned when assessing an SEO freelancer’s effectiveness. Undoubtedly, more traffic is good for your business, but if it doesn’t result in more sales and conversions, it might not be adding much value.

Find out how the freelancer’s prior work affected the bottom line of the companies they collaborated with during the recruiting process. What were the tactics they developed and used for SEO?

An expert SEO consultant has to be able to show how their tactics increased income and ROI (return on investment).

For example, find out how their techniques have improved lead generation, conversion rates, or total revenue growth. 

Your company will benefit greatly from having an SEO expert who is aware of the significance of income creation and return on investment. 

7) Ask the “Elon Musk Question” to Potential SEO Freelancers

You may learn more about the casino SEO freelancer experience and perspective by asking the “Elon Musk Question” during the interview process.

Musk asks all applicants the same question throughout the recruiting process: “Tell me about some of the most difficult problems you worked on and how you solved them.”

For what reason? Because: “The individuals who really found the solution are aware of the specific steps they took to do so. Their description of the minute details is accurate.

Inquire about a notable enhancement in search ranks or a fruitful SEO campaign the candidate led, for instance, if you are employing an SEO director. They can demonstrate their ingenuity, problem-solving skills, and experience producing significant outcomes by answering this question. You may also find out whether the SEO freelancer’s accomplishments match the objectives and standards of your company by asking them this question, which will help you understand how they see success. 

8. Negotiating the Agreement

And lastly, before you engage the casino SEO freelancer, make sure you negotiate the best conditions for the contract. It’s important that you and the freelancer be in agreement on payment terms, project dates, and other expectations. Ensuring the timely and budgeted completion of the project and everyone’s satisfaction would be facilitated by doing this.

Choosing the appropriate SEO freelancer may be an essential investment in the online success of your business, helping with anything from link building to keyword research to creating optimized content. Nevertheless, if you don’t take the necessary safety measures before signing a contract with the freelancer, it could not be successful. 

When screening applicants for any profession, especially one as complex and time-consuming as SEO, you owe it to your company and yourself to complete your research. Remember to be patient with the process and explicit about your expectations. Your website’s organic traffic and search engine ranks will skyrocket when you work with the correct freelancer like Modifyed Digital


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