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Vision & Mission

Our Belief

We have always believed in the power of big ideas, and their importance in developing human society. At Modifyed Digital, we aspire to do our bit in helping uplift our clients, employees, vendors and all other stakeholders, into higher levels of marketing effectiveness, productivity, profit and efficiency.

We believe that each business and enterprise can be built into an impactful brand, when they embrace their own unique story, find their purpose, set their visions and goals, and work passionately towards fulfilling them.

We believe in the power of businesses into finding the most efficient and scalable ways of improving the human condition.

We believe in the tremendous power of technology, particularly the internet and digital media, into solving a wide range of problems being faced by human society today. The problems of today cannot be solved by the tools of yesterday. They can only be solved by creating solutions using the tools of today.

Our Vision

Towards this large ambition, we have crafted our vision for the next 10 years as below:

By 2030, we want to directly empower 100 businesses who are working passionately towards solving the world’s most pressing problems. We aim to achieve this by enabling these businesses to influence atleast 10 million individuals directly, and 100 million individuals indirectly, into living better lives, by using their products and services.

Our Mission

Create a process driven, automated business that maximised efficiency and productivity, while delivering excellent client services and satisfaction.

Create a true digital business, where all leads, orders and execution is managed using technology and digital platforms.

Leads are being generated online, project management is happening online, marketing is happening online and we are providing world-class digital products, services and solutions to our clients.

We want to impact our audience in all areas of digital technology and transformation, primarily helping businesses to generate profit and create meaningful impact on their audiences.

At the same time, we want to empower our clients and students by offering world-class digital marketing training, entrepreneurship training and digital business training to empower organisations to drive meaningful impact using technology cost-effectively and easily.

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