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With an expert in-house team consisting of brand strategists, digital marketers, web developers, and web designers, Modifyed has been working with several non-profits over the years to help grow their impact and reach out to more stakeholders. Whether it's an NGO working in the area of education, healthcare, skill-development or poverty, we are extremely passionate when it comes to using our digital expertise to bring about social change.

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Why we love executing Digital Marketing Campaigns for Nonprofits

Our intention of offering customised, unique and strategic digital marketing and website development services for Non-profit and social impact organisations is driven by our single point agenda – to help solve the pressing issues of our generation and to hopefully be a catalyst in the process of widespread systemic change.

Digital Marketing for Nonprofits is a niche we have successfully been able to carve for ourselves and we have learnt that for this sector, digital marketing is a completely different ball game altogether. It has to be executed through a solid, well-thought out strategy since we are not working on selling a product or service. We are literally selling an idea. To implant a seed of thought in the user’s mind, different digital tools need to be carefully sewn together to create lasting impact.

We believe that our specialty lies in being able to take grass-root projects with global potential and adding some fuel to the fire. With decades of insight into scaling digital marketing projects for our corporate clients, why not help those who truly need it the most and can actually benefit massively?

Digital Marketing Consultant For Schools & Colleges

Digital Marketing Strategy for Universities
& Educational Institutes


We display online ads to the most relevant audience, in the best locations, at the right time.


Using data analytics, we test advertising to ensure only those ads run which deliver results.


Packages start as low as Rs. 25,000 per month to fit the needs of every budget.

Specialised Digital Marketing Services
for Nonprofits and NGOs

Branding for Nonprofit Organisations

Contrary to popular belief, branding is as important for a nonprofit organisation as it is for any other business. Though their needs are different, the goal is always to create brand awareness and brand recall. Good branding allows donors, supporters and clients to remember, recall and further, trust the organization.

Design Services for Nonprofits

A number of non profits suffer from bad logos, brochures and content. These assets should effectively communicate the tone of the organisation. It helps the non profit stand out from similar organizations by building a unique identity.

Customised Digital Marketing Strategies

While businesses that offer products and services have a specific target audience, the nonprofit sector usually needs to cater to a myriad of mindsets and demographic needs. We offer customised digital marketing plans for nonprofits, designed in a tactical manner, keeping in mind the public sentiment.

Google Ad Grants for Search Marketing and Advertising

Nonprofits can massively benefit from Google Ad Grants - a free $10,000 / month marketing resource offered by Google, especially for nonprofits. We help organizations qualify for this grant and become visible to a wider audience by optimizing their search engine presence. With so many causes and issues, we assist NGOs in running and maintaining Google Ad campaigns inline with stringent policies to ensure excellent Google account hygiene.

Social Media Marketing for Nonprofits

Leveraging Social Media can truly help nonprofits and social impact organisations connect directly with all their stakeholders. Our in-house social media team can help launch, execute, and push your nonprofit to virality with cause marketing campaigns designed specifically for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Content Development

Capturing your voice and knowing how to present your brand in the digital space is an art and craft that we have perfected over the years. From developing a go-to-market strategy for your brand to crafting the perfect content assets such as blogs and videos, we do it all!

Nonprofit Website Development Agency

Non-profits usually want a global reach and their website can be a powerful tool to connect with different users across the world. From users seeking non profits for certain needs, to corporates looking to collaborate for CSR, the website of a non-profit organisation can help achieve various goals. We have developed over 10 non profit websites for massive scale and impact!

Lead Generation and Fundraising Campaigns

The ROI of any nonprofit marketing campaign can be measured by the qualified leads and funds that it generates from the donorbase. We bring our ROI driven mindset to nonprofit marketing and the result is usually very powerful and effective in growing the impact of a nonprofits activities!

How can Nonprofits Benefit from Digital Marketing and Website Development?

Nonprofits and NGOs face various challenges – from funding, to finding volunteers and even just to spreading awareness about an issue they are working on. With more and more people spending large parts of their day online, digital marketing is apt for social organisations needing to develop a strong presence. Here are some benefits that any social impact or nonprofit organisation can get by integrating digital marketing and technology into their overall strategy:

  1. Through a good digital marketing strategy, a nonprofit organisation can directly reach out to, motivate and leverage the largest asset they can ever develop – the citizens. 
  2. A lot of data and leads need to be generated for fundraising, volunteering. Digital helps in acquiring useful and relevant insights and data into what’s working, and what’s not.
  3. Digital marketing can help reach out to corporations and big sponsors for funding needs.
  4. From website development to social media marketing and even a full-fledged campaign, digital solutions can make your earnest efforts become recognised on a global platform.
  5. The Development Sector and cause marketing have one thing in common – they magnify local efforts into global movements. By recognising grassroot heroes, efforts and actions don a new meaning. A great digital marketing strategy can stitch such efforts together and create massive impact.
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Nonprofit Organisations we work with

Nonprofits & NGOs that are working towards solving issues and benefit the marginalised can benefit from a robust digital presence for their various needs.

Trusts / Foundations that have a single point agenda or goal can carefully position themselves as the thought leader when it comes to a particular issue or for a particular community and digital marketing can make this happen for them!

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) organisations of corporations which are looking for causes to work for and digital marketing can help them reach the right cause.

Social organisations that require funding or sponsoring from corporations to reach the appropriate possible sponsors.

Social Impact Companies who have products or services that do good to society or bring about social change.

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Yes. If you really want to grow your nonprofit, digital is beyond doubt the most effective medium to use. It takes your nonprofit from a local cause to a global one, using the power of the internet.

We have special discounts and smaller pricing plans for nonprofits who want to start small and then scale up. From large complex projects, to simple social media management, we do it all!

Yes, we would prefer to collaborate with nonprofits who have inhouse teams so there is less duplication of efforts.

It takes anywhere between 3-6 months for results to start becoming visible. That said, it also depends on the scale and volume of activities, and the resources invested in your organisation’s marketing efforts.

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