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The fashion and beauty industries are fast paced, ever changing, super dynamic. And with such a high concentration of businesses being present online and actively thriving, it becomes super imperative that a fashion and beauty brand find a digital marketing team that can actively create virality for the business. Modifyed Digital is one of the best digital marketing agencies in Delhi-NCR catering specially tailored digital marketing strategies and campaigns for brands in fashion, lifestyle and beauty product and services, as well as individuals hoping to carve a niche for themselves in the online fashion and beauty marketplace.

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ECommerce Website Development Services for Fashion and Lifestyle Brands

Create stunning websites that can showcase your products and services in the best light. With full responsive templates, adaptive design that lets people access your platform across devices, and full branding services that ensure we maintain design and communication language across your website, Modifyed Digital offers the best e-commerce web solutions for brands in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

Social Media

Search Engine Optimization and Keyword Ranking for Fashion and Beauty brands

We help brands in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle services create in-depth customer and demographic research - this, in turn, helps us develop better keywords to help rank businesses across search engines. Modifyed digital offers extensive SEO services for fashion and lifestyle brands including competitor analysis, backlink creation, backend SEO maintenance tasks, local listings, profile updates and maintenance on review sites, and more.


Social media marketing for fashion and lifestyle brands

Reach out to us to help you craft a truly unique identity for yourself and your brand on social media. We help clothing brands, makeup artists, saloons, and designers by providing an extensive range of social media marketing services like social media identity, content strategies, social media campaign creation, influencer outreach, profile creation and management, and optimization of profiles.

Cost per click

PR and ORM services for Fashion and Beauty Brands

Generate positive reviews, get media attention and, even effectively address and remove negative or malicious content about your brands or service across the digital landscape. Modifyed Digital offers full-fledged PR and online reputation management services to our clients in the fashion and beauty industries. We do this through our extensive collaborations with PR firms, online PR agents, and strategies to help deploy brand positive content across platforms.


Competitor Analysis and Digital Trends Reporting for Fashion and Lifestyle brands

Modifyed Digital has some of the best digital trend analysts in Delhi NCR. We create tailored reports on competitors, best SEO practices, and digital marketing strategies, particularly for the fashion and beauty industries. Our deep dive into digital marketing strategies for fashion and beauty results in the development of SEO strategies that help you outrank your competition while also deploying a variety of features for your website, app, and social media platforms that ensures you stay abreast with the latest trends.

Paid Advertising and Promotions across Google and Amazon distribution channels

Modifyed Digital crafts localized and targetted paid campaigns for fashion, clothing, beauty, and lifestyle brands across Google and Amazon’s distribution network. Our paid promotion campaigns are designed to draw in traffic to your website, sellers platform, app, or social media page. We also run full-fledged advertising campaigns for brands across social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

App Store optimization for Fashion and lifestyle brands

Do let not your brand’s app lag behind on the AppStore or Playstore. Get in touch with Modifyed Digital App store optimization and maintenance team who can help you design better splash screens, update app information, create app store ads, boost downloads, and help get better ratings and reviews. Modifyed offers custom app store optimization services for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands - get in touch with one of our app store optimization experts in Delhi NCR.

Why us

When it comes to marketing fashion and lifestyle products, you need to pick an agency that can help you navigate through the noise of digital marketing trends and zero in on a voice that truly captures your aesthetic. Modifyed Digital is a full-fledged marketing firm with over a decade of experience in branding and marketing companies in fashion, design, nonprofit, food & beverage, and healthcare industries. With over 100+ clients handled in the past decade, we have years of experience crafting strategies and campaigns that stand the test of time. 

When you bring your fashion or lifestyle brand to Modifyed Digital you can not only expect collaborations on the creative side of online marketing but also get access to experts in core digital marketing strategic departments like paid marketing, ORM, SEO, backlink generation, web sanitation, optimization and more.

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Website Audit Results

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Of course! Having a feature-rich website does not mean you compromise on speed. Our web developers specialize in taking content and design-heavy websites and turning them into seamless platforms.

The sky’s the limit. As long as you’re willing to collaborate with us and give us the time to create an extensive website, we’re willing to put aside the time to do it.

Yes we can help you set up your store on Instagram and Facebook. If you have some other platform in mind, do let us know and we’ll help you set things up.

Industry Sectors We Work With

Fashion Brands, Whether you are a small fashion label or a huge fashion brand, a strong digital presence is indispensable to your growth. We believe that digital marketing can give you strong brand recall, ultimately leading to revenue and recognition.

Home and Lifestyle Brands with home and lifestyle trends changing so rapidly and most consumers buying online, digital marketing can be just the difference between good vs great performance!

Online Retail, The internet is the new marketplace and no matter what your product is, digital marketing strategies can be customized to give you optimum results. Whether you are launching a new product or reinventing a current one, digital tools can help you achieve a variety of goals!

Beauty Brands, The Beauty Industry is one of the largest across the globe and attracts a hoard of customers. With so many choices available for the buyer, a brand that leverages the power of digital marketing will truly have an edge over the others.

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