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Crypto SEO Trends 2024: What You Must Know

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For digital marketers, SEO is still a quickly evolving area since Google continues to prioritise the user experience in search results. This implies that people have to keep up with the ever-changing search engine optimisation trends each year. Here are the twelve most significant top crypto SEO trends to watch in the coming year, along with some advice on how to incorporate them into your strategy, to help you stay ahead of the curve.

This is the year to demonstrate our expertise and relevance in our content and to continue producing websites that provide users an excellent experience. Although Google has made great progress in evaluating signals and determining whether material is meeting requirements, these strategies have always been essential in the field of search engine optimisation. 

✓ The new ‘E’ in E.E.A.T

An extra element, experience, was added to Google’s well recognised EAT acronym (Expertise, Authority, Trust). On the basis of the subject matter they are covering, Google defines this as evaluating the author’s first-hand practical expertise. I have firsthand knowledge of the forthcoming SEO trends for 2023, for instance, as an SEO specialist. But, because I have no experience in the medical field, my comments on medical subjects like the underlying causes of heart disease would not be regarded as high-quality information. Websites must thus carefully evaluate the subjects they cover and the individuals who provide their material.  

✓ Content that is focused on reaching an audience, not driving traffic

The growing amount of material produced for search engine optimisation has led to an increasing emphasis on developing information with the user experience in mind. Google crawlers, for instance, would be suspicious of a website that published blueprints for financial software. Is this kind of information helpful to the targeted audience? Is it to achieve a higher ranking for specific keywords? It becomes sense to presume the former, and in light of this, sticking to a certain subject is required to realise ranking success in 2024.

Do you need help deciding what material to cover? You may locate relevant themes connected to the searches of your target market with the use of a content planning tool. Enter a keyword, and the tool will give you a list of popular search phrases that are associated with it. 

✓ A heightened emphasis on the reputation of the authors

The rise in automatically created material that shows up on search engine result pages is a sign that Google is giving experience more weight. The top crypto SEO wants to ensure that content produced in 2024 is coming from real people who are thinking about real people. So what can you do this year to improve the writing credentials and experience of your staff? Above all, be sure your content is being produced by skilled specialists. Next, to improve the experience, do the following: To showcase the author’s authority, include author bios, create author pages with links to their articles, and establish social media profiles to show that they are real people with authority.

✓ Content that is both rewarding and helpful

In an attempt to ensure that consumers are satisfied when browsing the search engine results pages for top crypto SEO, Google is prioritising user experiences in a different way. In order to comply with Google’s guidelines, information that is deemed “helpful” must satisfy users, a challenge that is difficult to evaluate or quantify. Written content that is intended for readers, not search engines.

  • suitable for the target market.
  • relates to the main topic or classification of the webpage.
  • compiled by experienced, skilled writers.
  • has a deep comprehension of the subject.

Although it may seem simple, creating valuable content may be challenging. How do you make your content more helpful? Prioritise quality before quantity at first. Even while you may want to cover a lot of target keywords in the future year, it won’t be helpful in the long term to produce several articles that don’t provide insightful information or subject matter knowledge. Expand the scope of your keyword research and go beyond search volume information. 

✓ Content creation utilizing AI and content writing software

Notwithstanding the ban on content created using artificial intelligence, it is anticipated that the use of AI in content creation would increase even further in 2024. Though there are worries that these tools may become obsolete due to Google’s algorithm adjustments, there are many useful applications for AI-generated content that nonetheless produce excellent, human-focused content.

  • Content summaries: You may supply your writers with the essential keywords, themes, and subtopics for their work by using content tools to create content briefs.
  • If you want to provide your writers a road map for creating quality content without having to rely on AI to do the heavy lifting, content outlines are a great tool.  
  • Ideas for content: Tools like blog topic generators might help you come up with ideas more quickly. An idea generator may reduce writer’s block when transitioning from a keyword to a useful content idea, which can be a challenging undertaking.

✓ Automating search engine optimization

The top crypto SEO projects will become more automated in 2024 as companies continue to use the potential of innovative SEO programming platforms and tools, much as artificial intelligence content. For example, keyword research tools may handle tasks that formerly required extensive human spreadsheet effort. As a result, websites that audit and monitor stages—like Search Atlas and Content King—are able to identify modifications and specific problems on websites. For those with less SEO knowledge, site graders can assist in identifying necessary streamlining and assigning the proper ranking. The growth of these do-it-yourself SEO tools will also enable offices and businesses to manage processes more effectively.

✓ Alterations in the click-through rate that is dependent on SERP ranking

Infinite scrolling has greatly improved the user experience while exploring Google search results, yet the top three items still account for the bulk of clicks due to the correlation between CTR and ranking positions. Still, given how simple it is to access various SERP sites, this may change as 2024 approaches and CTRs might suffer as a result.

SEMrush data for top crypto SEO indicates that just around 25% of searches resulted in no clicks, which is concerning given that in previous years, zero-click searches have been a cause for concern. The impact on click-through rates, or CTRs, may not be as great as first thought if Google incorporates more highlighted snippets and inquiries like “People Also Ask.”

Making your content more engaging and click-worthy inside the SERPs is crucial for ensuring exposure, and this includes optimising page names, meta descriptions, and schema markup. Also, because of the continuous scroll, it is now more beneficial to reach page two or three, even if getting to the first page should still be your main objective. 

✓ Optimizing product pages for SEO

Product pages with less content can benefit from Google’s recent trend of favouring articles with more in-depth information in 2024. To give the product page more substance, adding drop-down menus, FAQs, ratings, and reviews can all be helpful. Keywords in the product description are helpful, but in order to provide the client more comprehensive information, attempt to also consider the questions they could have. Examples of these include if free delivery is available, information regarding returns and warranties, and customer reviews. 

✓ Examining SEO competitors

While creating an SEO campaign, it pays to keep an eye on your competitors. In 2024, using SEO tools will make this analysis easier than ever. You may determine how well your major rivals have succeeded in building authority and trust throughout the internet by using competition analysis software to examine their content, domain reputation, and other factors. You may create your own SEO campaigns and content strategies that meet the requirements of Google’s constantly evolving search algorithms by taking inspiration from your peers. To learn more, see our guide on keyword competitor analysis. 

✓ Reduced crawling frequency

Google has set lofty targets to achieve carbon neutrality by 2024. As a result, they have been considering whether to cut back on how frequently they crawl online pages. By doing this, they would be able to save computer power and meet their sustainability goals. Still, this will probably slow down Google’s ability to identify the changes we make to our websites because crawl rates can drop more for refreshes than for new content identification. Thus, in 2024, for top crypto SEO it is best to start with all the on-page components required for content optimisation and ranking.

✓ Restoring image SEO

Images have always been important in improving search engine results, yet they are often disregarded when it comes to websites. Relevant keywords and related terms may be incorporated into our material with the use of alternative text and schema markup. Webmasters may help those with vision impairments or those with restricted internet connection navigate the internet more easily by using alt text. Google values webmasters that put out the effort to provide content that is user-friendly for all platforms. 

✓ Quick-loading high-performing websites

Google’s ranking algorithm now considers a website’s loading time as part of the 2021 page experience upgrade. This is nothing new, but Google kept updating the metrics until March 2023 and is currently making changes to them to better assess page performance. Websites may continue to assess their speed and functionality in 2024 by using Page Speed Insights and Core Web Vitals with top crypto SEO. Businesses stand to gain from concentrating on improving page speed as they may observe an uptick in ranks across all of the pages on their website.


It’s obvious that SEO is always developing, and some significant changes are coming in 2024. Marketers and companies need to be aware of the following trends in order to stay ahead of the curve: the new “E” in E.E.A.T.; audience-targeted content rather than traffic-targeted content; more emphasis on author authority; new A.I. content and content writing software; SEO automation; adjustments to CTRs by SERP positions; fewer crawls; revitalised image SEO; and quickly loading, high-performing websites with Modifyed Digital. Businesses may maintain their competitiveness by remaining knowledgeable and abreast of these changes. 


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