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Social Media for Accountants: Tips and Best Practices


An estimated 57 million Americans earn a living via freelancing or the gig economy, according to a recent post on Fortunately. 

All of these folks who work as freelancers either full-time or in addition to their 9 to 5 jobs need to be able to locate your accounting business so that you can assist them in managing their money and filing their taxes correctly. With the use of these social media marketing for accountants ideas, you may connect with these gig workers, small company owners, and other individuals who require your help. 

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Why accountants should use social media marketing

Approximately 70% of Americans, according to a Statista analysis from May 2020, have at least one social media account. These folks commonly utilize social media to explore service providers, including accountants and accounting companies. You lose out on the chance of getting discovered by a big portion of the public if you do not utilize social media. 

An efficient social media marketing plan for accountants enables you to establish a relationship with your clientele. It is a simple approach to establishing a rapport with both current and potential customers. Using social media, you may increase your client’s perception of your credibility. 

Finding the right platform in a sea of apps

Like most fads, there are social media platforms that come and go and new applications that appear all the time. 

Stick to the most popular and commonly utilized social media channels rather than developing a full plan for each one. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram are the channels that service-oriented firms utilize the most. 

You may post freely using all of these platforms for social media marketing for accountants by creating posts that don’t need payment. Through their advertising possibilities, you may produce sponsored pieces that are disseminated to a more specific and larger audience. You will be writing organic entries for the most part. In situations when you want to reach people outside of your immediate network, sponsored or paid articles might be useful. 


CPAs and accounting companies frequently find that LinkedIn is a great tool for company promotion. Although LinkedIn was first designed for professional networking, it is becoming a popular social media marketing for accountants to locate suppliers of services your company may want. The following are some LinkedIn best practices.

Be specific in your bio 

If you work as a freelance accountant, include a description of your services in your “about me” section. People will discover you more easily on the site if you use these keywords when searching. 

Join professional groups and contribute 

By participating in group conversations on a regular basis, you can maintain brand awareness inside your network. You may network with other professionals in the sector by joining an accounting-focused club. This will provide you access to conferences and other networking events where you could meet potential clients. 

Post regularly

A well-thought-out social media plan consists of posting a variety of debates and articles to your corporate page. Celebrate your successes and share industry-related advice and information. 


For accountants, Facebook is a great social networking site. 

It may be used to stay in touch with customers and foster connections with them. You may post from your computer or phone when you set up a business account, complete with your logo and a catchy cover photo. 

Notifying your clients of forthcoming seminars or events is another useful use of this platform. Use sponsored posts to expand your email list and get leads. 

Mix it up

If all you do on your Facebook page is promote your services, potential customers may become disinterested and cease to follow you. The main focus of this platform is fostering relationships. Establishing a relationship with your clients may be achieved by posting informative articles about money management or other resources. 

Utilize ads 

Facebook advertising may be tailored to a certain audience and is reasonably priced for social media marketing for accountants. To increase the exposure of your company, try creating a series of sponsored postings. You may use Facebook advertisements to target a specific number of individuals at a given price. Start small and test out several advertisements to determine which ones work best. Facebook offers metrics that you may use to monitor this data.

Post regularly

Maintaining your page at the top of your followers’ news feeds is best achieved via consistency. Consistently making posts for social media marketing for accountants will also encourage your fans to return to your profile. Establish and adhere to a content schedule. 


Instagram might not seem like the ideal social media platform for accountants. It’s all visuals, although accounting isn’t often considered a creative profession. 

Still, Instagram may be a very effective tool for your business to advertise its offerings. 

Pay attention to visuals 

Instagram is all about utilizing eye-catching images to acquire followers. Infographics, stock images, and other visual cues can be used by your company to increase website traffic. 

Use hashtags 

Hashtags are one of the finest methods for people to discover your company on Instagram. Make sure that every post contains many hashtags at the bottom to make it easier for people to locate your page. Create posts centered around the hashtags you see used by rivals and industry media by scrolling through their feeds. 

Celebrate your clients 

Give small company owners a shout-out on your page if you currently provide accounting services to them. Take images of their stores, then tag the owners. This is a useful strategy for assisting the clients’ clients in finding your company. 

Creating compelling content

Social media marketing for accountants is meant for purposes other than just business promotion. 

Since social media platforms are tools for promotion, some of your material needs to be focused on promoting your business to potential clients. Nevertheless, you want to provide a variety of unique articles. 

Your industry might be a major theme in a lot of your writing. 

One of the best ways to demonstrate to your followers that you are up to date on the newest advances in accounting is to share financial news with them or point them toward places where they can begin their financial planning. Linking your content to current affairs is another effective strategy to increase your visibility. 

While there is no shortage of information to publish during tax season, accounting professionals should also consider how they may tie accounting into off-season activities. 

Take the first step

Social media marketing for accountants may not be your first choice as an accountant when it comes to company strategy. But, you are missing out on a sizable captive audience that can locate your business via computers and phones if you are not active on social media. 

Although creating a social media plan might seem intimidating, begin with an agency like Modifyed Digital. Select a platform from the list above, create an account, and use it to expand your network. 

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