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Why We Love Video Meetings

Video Meetings

Nothing can beat a Face to Face in person meeting. But at the same time, the pressures of running a businesses, the constant demand for one’s time, the innate desire to scale and grow, by offering the very best client servicing possible, means that meetings are unavoidable. At Modifyed, we are now consciously shifting to video-based meetings. It’s been over 4 months since we made the switch and the benefits are amazing. Video calling, truly is the next best thing. It has helped me reduce physical meetings to 3-4 in a week, from a massive 15-20 meetings a week! (Aside – I handle business development, which means a lot of chasing leads, closing deals, etc.)

This post details 3 benefits of switching towards video meetings.

  1. Environmental Friendly – Traffic and pollution issues plague Delhi. Rather, they plague most indian cities. A video meeting ensures less time driving!
  2. Highly Productive – A F2F meeting can be very inefficient. Driving, waiting, social talk, etc – all time-draining activities. A video meeting generally ensures we remain focussed on the agenda at hand.
  3. Bring in the Larger Team – Running a small agency means we have less people who can attend client interactions – the team is generally focussed on delivery. However, through video, its extremely easy to get clients to directly brief the delivery teams, without having to go to their office in person. Even for clients, they can interact more freely with the person who will execute, instead of dealing with a sweet, smart sales guy (me :)).

I am certain there are other benefits as well! Do share your thoughts in the comments below!

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