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Dominate 2023 with 23 proven ways to Maximize your Online Presence, Market your business and Get 3 times more customers in Just 23 Days!

A masterclass for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to generate higher ROI from digital marketing WITHOUT hiring any expensive agencies or consultants.

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Saturday, 4th February 2023

Problems I want to Help You Solve

When it comes to taking your business online, you would have had to face some (or all!) of these challenges:


You have probably burnt your hands with incompetent agencies (or freelancers)


You don’t have enough the time to manage your agency (leading to poor / no results)


You often don’t properly understand complicated marketing jargons (or reports)


You don’t have budgets for an expensive monthly marketing program


Your agency has suggested you get your perfectly good website scrapped (and make a new one)


You are running ads, doing SEO, posting on social media - but results are just no there


SEO, PPC, SMO, Google, FB, IG, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube - You just don’t know where to start!


Wrong keywords are targeted, leading to no or low website traffic.

Do you agree with this? As a result, you might have spent a lot of time, money and effort (some take years) to reach anywhere in the hypercompetitive and expensive digital space.

I know the feeling. We get to hear this (or a variation of this) from our clients and prospects on a daily basis.

Everybody wants to grow their business on digital. They either don’t have the right people, tools or knowledge to get to their goals.

The Solution

Over the last 12+ years, I have worked with over 350+ small and large business owners helping many of them grow exponentially, on digital platforms.

Last year, I carried out extensive surveys, focus groups, and market research from amongst our clients to identify the key activities which have had a transformative impact on 85% of the clients we have worked with.

This learning came at a huge investment in time, money and energy.

I now want to take this knowledge and skill to a larger set of business owners.




No monthly retainers. No marketing jargons. No confusion. No bullshit! 23 Powerful Services. 1 simple and comprehensive digital marketing package.

The Modifying 2023 Masterclass

A “Hidden in Plain View” Approach to Simplify Your Digital Marketing and Generate 5 Times Better Results

What will I cover in this masterclass?

Very, Very Limited. Get in buddy!


We make sure you increase your revenue by fully optimizing these 23 KPIs of your marketing

Powering Up Your WEBSITE

This is the cornerstone of your digital presence. This is your only owned platform, which you control 100%. This is where you will get the highest value leads and sales. And 96% of our clients get this wrong. With 5 simple hacks, you can transform your website (or landing page) into 1 geared for 3X more leads and sales!

Get Discovered on Google! - High Powered SEO

A website which has no visibility, no web traffic is useless. With these tools, your website will start attracting your dream customers in no time!

Build a Shiny Social Presence - Social Media on Steroids

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Digital Analytics

Data is the new oil. Capture essential customer data to know what's working and what's not. Implement free tools to collect this data for actionable insights!

Instantly Boost your Digital Results with Performance Marketing

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Marketing on Automation - Triple your Sales and Leads!

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Look at what we’ve done

Here’s what past attendees had to say:

“I attended Prateek’s masterclass in 2021 and it was an absolute game changer for my business. The simplicity of things taught during the class helped me to increase my online presence and drive more sales. The real-life case studies were really inspiring and Prateek seemed so real and approachable. Highly recommend it!”


– Kapil Sharma, Orange Bowl Media

“Prateek’s masterclass helped me to understand and implement effective digital marketing tactics. I realized I didn’t even need an agency for the stage my business was in. Ended up saving as lot of money I was wasting on unnecessary consultants! I highly suggest this masterclass to any small business owner looking to scale their business.”

– Tanay Jain, Restauranter and Award Winning Chef


“Prateek’s masterclass was incredibly valuable. The expert insights and practical strategies shared during the class helped me to understand where my marketing teams were completely off the mark. I loved the simplicity – only a veteran can make things so easy to understand. I highly recommend this to anyone who is frustrated with their existing vendors.”

– Pooja Makhija, Fashion Stylist and D2C Brand Owner

“As a startup founder, I found Prateek very strange because he shared ways to save money! Indirectly, reducing his own business opportunities! I shifted to free / freemium versions of expensive apps, and also stopped the unnecessary website redesigns we had been struggling with for the last 3 months. Can’t wait for the next masterclass!”

– Suvidh Virmani, Doctor

Industries this has proven effective in


Travel and Hospitality

FMCG and Lifestyle

Non Profits



Travel and Hospitality

FMCG and Lifestyle

Non Profits






Finance and BFSI

IT Services



Finance and BFSI

IT Services

Who All Can Attend and Benefit from this Masterclass

Business Owners

Startup Founders

Brand / Marketing Managers

Freelancers / Consultants

Corporate Marketing Teams


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The Promise!


This masterclass is not a gimmick.

The reason we are doing this is to prove that digital marketing is simple if done with expert guidance.

It need not be a complicated, expensive affair.

Yes, the reality is that you will not make a million dollars overnight. You will not magically get tons of orders or leads overnight.

But what you will get is an honest, highly valuable overview which will set your business up to truly take off.

This masterclass is designed to ensure that you can be the pilot of your business and take it to newer heights. Not a third party agency.

We love making things simple and sustainable, and get joy when a business grows.

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