Modifyed Digital is a digital marketing agency based in New Delhi, India. We focus on creating digital marketing strategies for brands, startups and corporates.

We prefer to run a tight, efficient digital marketing agency in India to deliver the maximum possible value for our clients and believe that offices often do exactly the opposite. We work with a network of experienced professionals and freelancers on our projects to ensure that people who love their work, work with us.

Our core offering & philosophy

At the heart of all our solutions lies one and one thing only – great content. And we like to believe great content revolves around the 3 pillars of the digital medium – ideation, creation and distribution. Content becomes great only when all these 3 aspects are executed to perfection. A good idea if not a good idea unless it has been executed perfectly. And execution is only ever finished till that good idea does not spread.

Ideating great content

Great content stems from great ideas. We can help you refine your ideas for selling your products and services online. And if you lack ideas, we can work with your team to discover great ones.

Creating great content

Once we crack a good idea, we begin phase 2 – execution. That usually means tapping our in-house team of content creators or tapping a vast network of freelancers we have built over the last 7 years. In other cases, it also means discovering new talent only for your project because we strive to find the right talent for each project. Yes, its a bit like the role of a casting director in a movie.

Distributing great content

After the whole business of content creation is over, we focus all our energies on distribution that content on digital. This is the key to transforming good content into great content. Whether it is executing search engine optimisation (SEO), social media marketing, online advertising, reaching out to digital influencers or using technology – we use every trick in the book to ensure your content reaches the right audience.

The audience which will end up converting into paying customers.

Why us

We are a dynamic company with fertile ideas and a desire to be the best.  And we would love to build a rock-solid online presence for your brand. With a team of over 20 professional content writers, 3 expert web developers and 2 graphic designers and a network of specialist managers, we “make it happen” no matter what it takes.

So, get in touch and we’ll set up a call.