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The Workplace after COVID 19 – Tips for Safely Reopening your Office Space

workplace after COVID -19

As offices are resuming work post COVID, it’s important to adopt preventive measures to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for your employees. At Modifyed, we are also preparing ourselves to open our office soon, and also training our team members to follow basic safety guidelines. We’ve compiled some tips for you to keep in mind as you reopen your premises.

#1 Sanitisation of Office Space:

Prior to opening your office, do a deep clean and sanitisation of the office space. Continue doing this periodically. Not only will it create a safer and healthier environment, it will also show your employees that you’re taking all safety precautions with utmost seriousness.

#2 Hygiene Protocols:

Communicate all protocols on hygiene measures including handwashing, respiratory etiquette, necessary use of face masks, cleaning procedures for facilities, etc. Ensure that social distancing is maintained amongst employees at their work stations. Stagger your employees for their break, space out the eating area, and ensure that washroom facilities are also sanitised after each use.

#3 Install Posters and Floor Stickers:

Placing health, safety and social distancing posters and stickers will ensure that your employees are reminded through the day to take preventive measures such as washing their hands periodically and maintaining a distance of 6 ft between each other. You can explore our range of Covid 19 posters here for some great options!

#4 Provision of Sanitisers, Disinfectants and Disposable Masks:

Ensure that there are ample sanitisers and disposable face masks in the office. Providing disinfectant sprays in each room is also imperative. Train cleaning staff to sanitise commonly used spaces such as door handles, work desks, fridge and microwave handles and washrooms every few hours.

#5 Ensure Good Health:

Conduct daily temperature checks of all employees before they enter the office premises. You may also implement a provision of mental health support services for all employees.

#6 Aarogya Setu App:

Installation of the Aarogya Setu app must be made mandatory to check the zones from which employees are coming.

#7 Distribute Workload:

Organise a rotational or shift based work policy in areas where there is a space crunch to ensure that social distancing is maintained in the office. Allow work from home whenever necessary.

#8 Organising Meetings:

Meetings should take place only if absolutely necessary. Make sure in-person meetings happen in ventilated spaces where employees can maintain a physical distance. Use video conferencing and phone calls as much as possible.

#9 Meals and Utensils:

Encourage all employees to bring a home-cooked meal. They should carry their own water and utensils. Also going to the local tea shop must be avoided.

#10 Work Commute

Since the metro and most public transport services are not in operation, travel services can be provided for the workers. However ensure that the cabs/ buses are sanitised daily and social distancing is maintained within the vehicle as well.

In Conclusion

Remote teams and remote work is definitely here to stay and it has several advantages. However, the benefits of in-house teams, brainstorming meetings, personal contact can never be replicated. For traditional businesses, re-opening their office spaces, shops and factories is the only option for survival. These tips can ensure that you are well-prepared for the new normal so that you can work with a relatively higher sense of security.

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