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Meme Marketing – How to Use Memes to Radically Improve Your Social Media Presence

Use Memes to Radically Improve Your Social Media Presence

Imagine this.

After a long day you are scrolling through your social media and see a meme surface on your screen. The meme makes you giggle and you like it so much that you even share it with your friends. That’s the simplicity and beauty of a meme. 

It’s a prerequisite for social media marketing to keep up with the ongoing trends. And memes are the icing on the cake, they are usually based on trending topics with relatable take on the matter. Memes have become the face of social media and a big influence on pop culture. Therefore, as a brand, it’s important to take meme marketing seriously and not a fad. Brands that effectively employ memes have a thorough awareness of their audience, including what they relate to, what they find humorous, and how well-versed they are in meme culture.

Let’s get started: 

Meme 101

Meme 101

Meme is known as a humorous image or video,pop culture reference, political or current affairs etc. that is duplicated (often with minor alterations) and quickly spread by Netizens.. Comedy is a brilliant way to interact with your target audience and a great way to introduce your brand personality. Memes are subtle, relatable and have a high chance of going viral. Therefore, it’s a great way to organically increase your engagement like impressions, likes, shares and should be part of your marketing strategy.

On the flip side, not every meme guarantees the path to success. Memes depend on many variables which we will further discuss in this article. Additionally, certain memes have associations that you would not want to have with your business.

How To Use Memes For Marketing?

1. Post Original Meme

Post Original Meme

Let’s begin by making a unique meme. It is possible to copy and paste a meme with a few words, but today’s audience is savvy and will recognise which meme you are copying.

You must therefore develop a unique meme that can advertise your product in order to prevent pandemonium. 

2. Connect the Meme to Your Sector

Connect the Meme to Your Sector

Have a reason for spreading the meme in your social media marketing strategy. The meme ought to be pertinent to the point you’re trying to make. Sharing a meme only for its own sake won’t be as entertaining as one that your target audience can relate to and associate with your brand or product. Make the most of timeliness

3. Timeliness

TimelinessA meme that is out of date won’t have the same effect as one that is current. In actuality, memes have evolved significantly throughout time. Some of your audience might not be familiar with the meme you chose if it dates back to the early days of memes. 

The most successful social media posts are timely and current. The meme you select for your article should reflect this as well.

4. Think about ignoring a call to action

Think about ignoring a call to action

Ask yourself if you truly need a call to action when posting a meme on social media. In any case, not every organic social media post you make needs to have a CTA; many of them should be meant to engage and educate.

By omitting the CTA, you give your audience a post they can enjoy without feeling like you’re trying to sell them something.

Here’s a Fun Way How Top Brands Are Using Memes:

Fun Way How Top Brands Are Using Memes

Netflix has been among the first ones to take the advantage of meme marketing. You can see stills from shows like Little Things, Movie-Wake Up Sid and Schitt’s Creek being used here.

Fun Way How Top Brands Are Using Memes 2

Memes by social samosa travel faster than light. This meme provides comedy relief to those working in the corporate world. This is because in the end, there’s genuinely nothing like a good laugh which makes us forget our worries. 

Memes by social samosa travel

You will always find good promotional content with engaging posts on Domino’s social media platform. The above post exudes confidence and the extreme popularity of the brand. It also plays the ‘Guilty Pleasure’ card among people pretty well.  

Last but not least: Enjoy It!

With Web 3.0 the world of marketing is witnessing changes every other week. Meme marketing has become a vital tool that gives brands a scope of engagement with their audience without spending a hefty amount on marketing. Online meme production and consumption are both higher than ever. In addition, integration of memes in your social media marketing gives your brand a younger voice, a chance to go viral and build relationships with your audience. 

So trust your sense of humor, as you should with most creative endeavors. If you don’t find a meme you made amusing, fascinating, or insightful, chances are your audience won’t either. Use your best judgment and keep in mind that you’ll get better at making memes the more you consume them.Just ensure that you don’t create anything that might be offensive to your audience. So get ready to meme your way to the top! 

What do you think? Are you still on the fence about including memes in your social media strategy? Drop your doubts in the comments and we will get back to you.

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