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5 Critical Landing Page Best Practices for 2021 – Turbocharge Your Online Lead Generation

Landing Page Best Practices

When we work with clients on various digital marketing initiatives, the first step is generally to help them improve their websites and landing pages. This handy guide contains the most critical landing page best practices to help you rapidly design and develop high converting landing pages which can fill up your sales pipelines with hungry, eager to buy prospects. By definition the landing pages (and the homepage of your website) are the pages where users first land and get an impression of the business. If the first impression is good, chances of them going ahead and enquiring more about the particular business are very high.

In this guide, I will enumerate 10 Critical Landing Page Best Practices to follow in 2021 to ensure that your chances of capturing leads and generating more sales from the same ad spend are higher.

Top 5 Landing Page Best Practices
1. Above the fold
This is the screen which is visible on the first time a user clicks on your landing page link. This needs to be as convincing and impressive as possible. This section can generally be made more impressive by adding or improving the Headline and body copy with relevant keywords, a catchy hook, and a clear call to action.
2. Call To Actions and Enquiry Forms
Such an obvious attribute of well optimised landing pages, yet so many companies miss out on this. Engaging, visible and clear call to action buttons and forms should be liberally sprinkled throughout the page to increase chances of conversions. An education client we worked with got 18% more leads simply because we added a top header sticky bar on the homepage! The ROI improved by a nice 18% with a simple tactic that took less than an hour to implement.
3. Mobile Optimisation
I just cannot overemphasise the importance of having a well optimised conversion oriented landing page. But the secret is to ensure that its also well-optimised on mobile devices. 75% of your traffic / potential users will experience your pages on a 6 inch screen, so you need to ensure everything works well on a small device.
4. Message Match with Sales Pitch
This is a unique, yet common perspective which yet again 99% of the companies miss out, leaving massive revenue on the table. Think of your landing page like its your top performing sales person (even if its yourself). Ask yourself these questions:
– Does the landing page copy / message match your best sales pitch?
– Does it cover all the possible benefits, in a logical flow?
– Does it walk your customer through your product or service in the best way possible?
If you can answer these hard questions through a combination of images, videos, and copy, then you can have a landing page which acts like your virtual sales person, virtually generating highly qualified leads every single day!
5. Video Demos
Most landing pages suffer from either no videos, to poorly designed videos. For a landing page to be highly effective at generating highly qualified leads or even sales, a sales video is absolutely critical in 2021. The sales video must “showcase” the product or service in the best way possible. It must “show” to the client, all the benefits of buying from you.
This blog post is just the starting point of your digital marketing optimisation. With so much information out there, its easy to get confused about where to start. My recommendation would be to just apply these landing page best practices religiously, and perhaps, even imperfectly. Your first video demo might not be the best demo ever. Or your page copy might not be scroll-stopping. But the idea is to continuously refine, tweak and test your landing page’s conversion performance, and then make data-oriented decisions.
That’s it for now! There are lot of other landing page best practices, hacks and tricks which we will share with you. But first, implement these and share your results with us in the comments below!
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