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How We at Modifyed are Coping with Coronavirus

In these unprecedented times, I hope that you are keeping yourself healthy and safe, taking every precaution possible.

Like most businesses all over the world, we too at Modifyed have been severely affected. However, we are trying our hardest now, more than ever, to keep our heads above the water and keep the business running. Here are some of the measures we have taken at Modifyed to ensure smooth functioning of all operations:

  1. 100% Work from Home Infrastructure – Since last week, we have transitioned to a fully work from home team. With a team size of 19, we have ensured and equipped all our team members have proper laptops and working internet connections at home.
  2. Remote work training – Shifting from a closed office environment to a remote, work from home environment can be challenging. We have been conducting trainings for our team members every day to help them with all the tools, tips and strategies required for effective work from home days.
  3. Short, Daily, Video meetings – Working alone from your own home can lead to lack of motivation, distractions and a steep loss in productivity. With a deluge of panic-filled, negative information on social media, we have started daily standup meetings to ensure that we, as a team, can maintain focus, motivation and productivity while working from home.
  4. Agile thinking and execution – Being a marketing and technology company, we have always believed in an “Agile” way of thinking. We are now bringing that agility to not just web or software development, but to our daily operations. That means we are quickly shifting completely from local to cloud – excel files to Google sheets for data analytics and number crunching, local hard drives to Cloud storage for all media files, and other such solutions.
  5. Optimising our Services – Every business owner, entrepreneur, marketing manager in our network is feeling the strain of Coronavirus on their businesses. Hence most clients have gone in cost cutting mode, immediately cutting down on salaries, marketing spends, and other non-essential costs. We feel shutting down business is, and will not, be the solution. Finding a better way, a low cost way, a more efficient way of delivering services and getting work done WILL be the solution. If you, as a business owner or a brand manager, stop your business’s marketing activities, you risk losing out on a lot of potential business. Hence, we have actively begun exploring strategies to optimise our services and offer lower cost services, even more customised services.
  6. Working on Internal Projects – As a marketing and technology services provider, we get so caught up in client work that at times, we miss out on developing internal projects. This downtime is now being used to develop and work on tasks which we never seemed to have time for. For example, we are formally organising and rolling out a Partner Program. (Click the link). We have uploaded over 15 case studies on our website with many more in the pipeline. And other such initiatives.

As a digital marketing agency, we are still much lower down in the entire human supply chain. Our friends and clients in the travel, hospitality and food sectors have been the first ones to take a direct hit. Our hearts go out to all the frontline healthcare and public service workers who are fighting COVID-19 24×7.

As a responsible business owner, I want to personally do everything I can to help others in the business community tide this difficult time. My intention of sharing these pointers is so that you can be get more practical, actionable ideas to implement in your daily routine or at work.

Be assured that like you, there are others like us, who are struggling to manage the crisis. By sharing these and more ideas in the days to come, we hope to come out stronger, cleaner, healthier and better! The only way to do this, is to stay united in our efforts, however small they may be.

If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to reach out at any time.

Thanks for reading!

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