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The Benefits of Creating a Simple Website

Simple Website Benefits

The current trends in web design have shifted towards minimalism, “white” sites and simplicity. The reason? Not one, but many. Simple websites are preferred because of their enhanced visual appeal. More importantly, simplicity on a web page can be used to draw attention to the content on the page, which is the most important part of website. Gaudy and complicated websites often draw attention away from the website, which is not something you want.

If you are thinking of getting a business website made, then read ahead. You might just change your perspective on why simplicity works.

The benefits of creating a simple website

While simplicity is something that cannot be achieved easily, it has plenty of benefits for those who can reach it. These are just some of them.

Lower bounce rate and greater conversions

According to a recent survey, bounce rate on simple websites is much lower than that of complex ones. The reason could lie in the fact that minimalism in web design is pleasing to the senses of viewers. So, they probe deeper and go through the internal pages of the website. Since their focus is on the content, you can use the advantage to convert your visitors with greater effect.

Cost, construction and maintenance benefits

Simple websites are easier to build. Furthermore, since codes are not complex, debugging and periodic maintenance takes lesser time and effort. Costs of building simple websites are lower as well. Another major benefit is that the chances of errors are much lower because coding is not complicated. Your site works with better efficiency.

Better user experience

A website that pleases the senses of viewers paves way for a great user experience on the page. Secondly, the experience is enhanced because load time of a simple site is shorter. Despite using low speed Internet, your target customers can access your site quickly. Thirdly, visitors to your website can easily find what they seek. Fourthly, simple websites are easier to navigate. This is an invaluable benefit that leads to excellent user experience.


Designs and patterns go out of fashion with the season. Simplicity, on the other hand, has an eternal appeal. The best products are ones that are the simplest to use. Think Google’s search engine, Apple’s iPod or iPhone,

There are several benefits of running a simple website, these are just some of them.

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