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B2B businesses have an extensive network of demographics they need to be in contact with. From vendors, manufacturers, production teams, distributors, to prospective clients, when marketing for a B2B organization, it becomes imperative to keep in mind all the different stakeholders that are important to a business. Modifyed Digital helps manufacturing companies, industrial operators, B2B service providers, and B2B enterprises with tailored digital marketing strategies for growth, audience acquisition, and sales.

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Website Development Services

An impactful website that can set you up as a domain expert is key to online success for B2B organizations. Modifyed Digital helps businesses set up easy to maintain websites that can showcase the full breadth of your products and services while giving viewers secondary touchpoints to get a hold of your technical or sales teams. Our integrated agile marketing strategies help us develop future-proof responsive websites for your business.

Social Media

Content Marketing Services and SEO for B2B Companies

We help B2B organizations come up with technical content solutions like case studies, reports, industry backlinks, infographics, blogs, articles, and more. These long-format content pieces help rank your business on search engines consistently and also go on to position you as a subject matter expert in your field. Our content marketing and management services help consistently rank you on search engines while also helping you make the case for your products and services.


LinkedIn and Social media groups for manufacturers and B2B industries

Create a core follower group and add all your key stakeholders to the mix to help you send out major industry shifts, trends, and updates in one place. We help B2B organizations create professional groups on various platforms and help market their expertise to valuable players. This is a part of social media marketing services offered by Modifyed Digtial especially for core manufacturing, factories, enterprise service, and product developers.

Cost per click

Promote product launches and events with B2B PPC campaigns

Pay per click campaigns executed by Modifyed Digital are versatile, targetted, and assured to get you in front of demographics that matter. We can help B2B companies launch PPC campaigns on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other industry-specific websites, portals, apps, and platforms. With demographic-based targeting, event-based targeting, and advanced keyword targeting based on a complete competitor analysis, we offer full-fledged PPC campaigns for B2B companies.


Competitor Analysis and Digital Trends Reporting for B2B companies

Get the most of Modifyed’s Digital marketing strategists by deploying long term competitor analysis and digital marketing trends reports for your industry. Our in-depth analysis of your competitors, their performance, and strategies can help you plan and deploy marketing and sales activities to appropriately address shifts in the market. Reach out to a Modifyed Digital marketing expert to help you better understand how you can start getting personalized digital marketing reports for your organization.

Branding and Online Reputation Management Services for B2B organizations

With an extensive network of PR agencies collaborating with us and an inhouse team of brand strategists at your disposal, we can help B2B organizations figure out their entire branding, communications, and visual identity. Our branding strategies combined with online reputation management services can help restore a positive image online, fix your social media network, and even help promote and build positive relationships for your organization.

Why us

Modifyed Digital has over a decade of experience in digital marketing and has handled over 100+ clients across industries in manufacturing, nonprofits, enterprises, healthcare, education, and real estate. We are a team of 20+ core digital marketing professionals who help brands, products, and service providers find a unique positioning point online. With the team driven to find better and more effective ways to help businesses succeed in the online marketplace, we believe that our primary objective is to help businesses increase their bottom line. 

Picking Modifyed to be your digital marketing agency means you bring on board an extensive list of human and technology resources specifically for the wellbeing of your business. With core agile digital marketing strategies and a team bent towards optimizing performance at every given turn, Modifyed Digital should be your number one pick for digital marketing services in Delhi NCR.

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Website Audit Results

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Website Audit Results

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Modifyed Digital performs detailed website performance analysis and reports that can help you sanitize your website for the latest SEO practices and also detail the best steps you can take going forward to help increase your website traffic and conversions.

For a website to be useful to a business, it must consistently rank on search engines. Website maintenance ensures that your website is regularly updated and tested for SEO performance which keeps you in the limelight helping you land your website in the top spots on search engines.

Social media is now just as effective a platform for information as Google or any other search engine. Creating effective social media content and strategies can help your B2B showcase your main services, new developments, case studies, and critical marketing collateral that can go on to help you land confirmed leads.

Industry Sectors We Work With

Manufacturing , The Manufacturing industry has seen unprecedented growth in the recent times and now is just the time to make your mark felt by applying the right digital marketing strategies,

Services, The service sector can’t survive without reaching their end user. A service provider must also keep competitor strategies in mind. All of this and more is possible with a great digital marketing strategy.

Industrial, Industries are known for innovation and it would be ironic if an industry doesn’t follow the latest digital trends. Leaders must set examples and digital marketing can be just the modus operandi for that!

Enterprises, A successful enterprise is one which utilises its resources to their potential. Today, most enterprises have realised that digital marketing is one such resource that if tappen effectively, can be a true game changer!

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