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A Short Guide to Creating Effective Presentations

Creating Effective Presentations

Are you struggling to create an effective presentation? Do you want to build expertise in designing presentations that can excite your audience, generate more leads, and grow your business?

Developing effective and convincing presentations and company profiles is an extremely important skill for you to master, if you want to succeed in making more sales, closing more business and growing your organisation. In our interactions with clients, especially small business owners, we often meet entrepreneurs who struggle to win new business and we can clearly see that while making sales pitches, their company profiles, or sales pitches are ineffective. From the perspective of an effective profile that represents their company, common issues they face are:

  1. They just don’t have the time and patience to sit and create a company profile.
  2. They face a technological barrier as they are not well-versed with presentation design tools such as Powerpoint, Keynote, Prezi, etc.
  3. They face a challenge in written communication skills, which is a key basic requisite.

To help such entrepreneurs, we have created this short guide, which can help you conceptualise and execute a company profile.

6 Tips for Creating Effective Company Presentations

  1. Have a specific outcome – Always have 1 specific outcome that you want your presentation to deliver. Don’t plan for more than 1 specific goal. If you have more goals, make more presentations!
  2. Plan on paper – Being a professional presentation design agency, we have often seen that when we first plan the presentation down on paper, we are able to design the entire profile much more quickly. It brings more clarity, without first getting into the technology and other content elements.
  3. Time it – If you plan to deliver the presentation it in 10 minutes, design the presentation for 8 minutes.
  4. Headlines – Your audience will read this first – hence these need to be carefully written. These are the most important element of any slide
  5. More visuals, less text – A general rule of thumb is to have more visual and graphical elements, than to fill up each slide with walls of text.
  6. Practice, Practice, Practice

Presentation Outline – Example

This could be a possible example of a basic company presentation that you can deliver in around 7-8 minutes. This can be the perhaps the first company profile that you plan to make:

  1. Your Story – A short story about yourself, why you started what you started, and your vision and mission always works in giving the right context to your prospects.
  2. Your Basic Products and Services – Obviously. Stick to the main products and services that you want this particular presentation to sell. If you are like us, you will plan to have focused presentations for each product or service.
  3. Your Team – The greatest work is done by teams. Communicating your team, their capabilities, experience, etc. always builds confidence and trust.
  4. Your Infrastructure – Talking about your infrastructure (i.e. the investment you’ve done in yourself or your business), again builds more credibility that you’re a serious business, and not a fly-by night operator.
  5. Sell the Benefits – What will your customers feel when they experience your product or service? What are the main benefits of using your product? Are there any direct ROI benefits of your product or service? Always sell the benefits.
  6. Target Market – What is your target audience? Why is your product or service a good match for this target audience? Can you share pictures/videos/visuals of your product/service being used by existing clients in your target audience? If you plan to target corporates, are your products being used by any existing corporates?
  7. Triggers – Remember, they might not express any interest immediately in your product or service. What are the signals (we call them sales triggers) that your audience should look for, if they should consider calling you? after you have given the presentation. The next time they’re speaking to an associate, employee or client, what scenario should trigger your name?

These are some basic pointers that can benefit most business owners and entrepreneurs who are struggling to create amazing presentations that sell.

Need more help? Look up our professional presentation design service. We have a team of expert presentation designers, content writers and marketers who can help you create that winning pitch!

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