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Dominate 2023 with 23 proven ways to Maximize your Online Presence, Market your business and Get 3 times more customers!

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The problem

When it comes to taking their businesses online, most of our clients have had to face some or all of these challenges:


They have burnt their hands with incompetent agencies or freelancers.


They don’t have the time to manage an agency.


They don’t understand complicated marketing jargon.


They don’t have budgets for an expensive monthly marketing program.


They don’t know where to start.


Agencies end up getting perfectly good websites scrapped to pitch and make new websites.


Ads are often underperforming.


Wrong keywords are targeted, leading to no or low website traffic.

As a result, many small businesses take years to reach anywhere in the hypercompetitive, expensive digital space.

Everybody knows and wants to grow their business digitally. But they don’t have the right people, tools or knowledge to get the highest possible ROI.

The Solution

Over the last 10+ years, We have worked with over 350+ small and large business owners helping many of them grow exponentially, on digital platforms.

Last year, we carried out extensive surveys, focus groups, and market research to identify the key activities which have had a transformative impact on 85% of the clients we have worked with.

This learning came at a huge investment in time, money and energy.

We now want to unleash this knowledge and skill to help many more small and mid sized business owners take their digital presence to the next level in 2023.

No monthly retainers. No marketing jargons. No confusion. No bullshit! 23 Powerful Services. 1 simple and comprehensive digital marketing package.

Nows the time !

Take advantage of our 7+ years of expertise as we prepare businesses to be marketing ready in 2023 by auditing and improving the ‘BIG 6’ areas in your digital landscape to optimize your current presence before you take the next big leap

No tricks, just friendly advise


We make sure you increase your revenue by fully optimizing these 23 KPIs of your marketing

Powering Up Your WEBSITE

This is the cornerstone of your digital presence. This is your only owned platform, which you control 100%. This is where you will get the highest value leads and sales. And 96% of our clients get this wrong. With 5 simple hacks, you can transform your website (or landing page) into 1 geared for 3X more leads and sales!

Get Discovered on Google! - High Powered SEO

A website which has no visibility, no web traffic is useless. With these tools, your website will start attracting your dream customers in no time!

Build a Shiny Social Presence - Social Media on Steroids

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Digital Analytics

Data is the new oil. Capture essential customer data to know what's working and what's not. Implement free tools to collect this data for actionable insights!

Instantly Boost your Digital Results with Performance Marketing

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Marketing on Automation - Triple your Sales and Leads!

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Look at what we’ve done

Industries this has proven effective in


Travel and Hospitality

FMCG and Lifestyle

Non Profits





Finance and BFSI

IT Services

The Promise!

All these services are usually offered by other agencies for nearly 2Lac+ rupees on a monthly retainer. We have cracked the formula to deliver 85% of the value for an insanely low price.

This is not a gimmick. If you’re not happy with the work, we will offer a full refund, no questions asked.

The reason we are doing this is to prove that digital marketing is simple if done with expert guidance.

It need not be a complicated, expensive affair.

Yes, the reality is that you will not make a million dollars overnight. You will not magically get tons of orders or leads overnight.

But what you will get is an honest, highly valuable service which will set up all the engines and airplane required by your business to truly take off.

This service is designed to ensure that you can be the pilot of your business and take it to newer heights. Not a third party agency.

We love making things simple and sustainable, and get joy when a business grows.

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The launch price for this service is Rs. 23,000 for the first 23 customers, after which the price will increase to Rs. 79,000.

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