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Our Culture and Values

Team Comes First

We are strong believers in customer-centricity, and to us, each customer is of supreme importance. However, more important than that is each member of our team. If our team is happy, they will automatically keep our customers and clients happy. We can go to any length to keep our teams happy, charged and productive.

1% Done (Growth mindset)

 “If you’re not growing, you’re regressing. We are always focussed on growth - this growth can comes in the way we approach our business model, the number of customers we service, or the value of customers we service. However, at all given points in our journey, we are always 1% done - there’s always so much to do!

Family Values

All of us spend more hours at our workplace than we do at home. Our work consumes a better part of our lives. Hence, we believe in treating each team member, vendor and partner as a part of our extended family. Professionalism, combined with laughter, fun and a sense of humour is what keeps us excited to keep coming back to work every single day.

Lifelong Learning

We invest considerable amounts of time in training and teaching our teams with the latest strategies. This ensures continuous personal development. At the same time, we love members who have an innate curiosity and a passion for learning. We are problem solvers, tinkerers, nerds, grammar nazis, perfectionists, people with OCD - the lot!

Technology for Good

We are constantly obsessing about how to use technology, communication and data for good. How to combine the three to maximize customer satisfaction. We love automation, data, measuring, and everything else that comes with it. And we love people who are good at technology.

Irrational Passion

Do you have fire in your belly? Do you have ambitions that prevent you from taking a good night's sleep? Do you want to conquer all your limitations and break through to the other side of success? Do you have a hunger for growth, a passion for marketing and technology, and a strong,crazy, irrational desire to make the world a better place than how you found it? If yes, join us in our mission.


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