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Freelance SEO article writing is not cakewalk. It is writing meant not only for readers looking for something of value, but search engine bots looking for authoritative pages. The kind of content that you have on your website can actually make it or break it. This means that you need SEO based articles describing your business using the right combination of keywords.

Be it your electric blanket, shaving mirror, printing business, plumbing company or furniture store, virtually anything. Regardless of the kind of product that you are selling, and have failed so far, fret not. Our Freelance SEO article writing services can get you back on track by ensuring that your website ranks for the most important keywords on the front page of Google. Coupled with a link building package, and we guarantee far better results than the ones you have been getting so far.

The bottom line is, bad content can kill your business. But worry not, we at Modifyed Inc. provide content that is so amazing, you will sit up and notice things instantly.


Available upon request depending on your requirement.


All freelance SEO articles will be billed at 2.5$/100 words. 20% off on 5000+ words.


Usually depends on the number of orders we are handling at the time. Generally, it takes 48-72 hours for us to process a 2500 words package.

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