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Reception / Entry Combo Pack

Package Contains (Suitable for 1 Reception/Entry)

1 x Common Do’s and Don’ts for Office (Poster – D01)

1 x Maintaining Social Distance – Warning Sign (Poster – D02)

1 x Importance of Hand Sanitiser (Poster – D03)

1 x How to Use Hand Sanitiser (Tent card – D25)

1 x Working from Home (Poster – D04)

1 x How to use masks (Poster – D05)

1 x When to use a mask (Poster – D06)

1 x How to use public transport whilst commuting to work (Poster – D07)

1 x Face Mask Warning (Poster – D31)


How to use

All products are easy to use

Clean area with damp cloth where poster/vinyl will be pasted

Remove the protective paper from the back of the poster/vinyl and place poster/vinyl on the desired area.

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